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Dark Skies Tourism

With the Islands of Canna and Rum applying for Dark Sky status, l thought it would be useful to compile a list of helpful resources if you want to support Dark Sky Tourism and promote it to visitors. 

Consider providing a 'star gazing pack' for visitors. (Items you might want to consider including: a flask & hot chocolate mix, binoculars, a guide to the night sky as well as links to stargazing apps, a blanket, a red flashlight and normal flashlight). 


Interested in hosting a Dark Skies Event on the Small Isles. Here are some ideas for events (compiled from resources on the web). 

  • Host a night walk

  • Host a dark skies writing/ poetry event

  • Organise a star gazing event with guidance on how and what to see. 

  • Star lore - share stories of the night sky.

  • Run a nocturnal wildlife tour. 

  • Create a night sky photography competition.   

  • Host a Dark Sky movie screening. This video is available free on youtube. 

  • Check out this video for tips on how to host a fun dark sky event.

Dark Sky Festivals throughout the UK. 

Dark Sky Press

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