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Favourite Walks - Rum, Canna, Eigg and Muck

There are walks for all levels and abilities on the Small Isles. Here are just some of our favourites but you can find many more at Walk Highlands.


Rùm Cuillin - This is a challenging route which requires very good hill fitness and knowledge. The Cuillin dominates the skyline of Rum, providing an atmospheric backdrop as you arrive by boat. The Cuillins are the remains of a volcano formed during volcanic activity on the west coast of Scotland 60 million years ago. The traverse is a challenging but spectacular route with incredible views over the Hebrides. The hike takes in 5 peaks and is 13 miles in length. If you have less time or want to do a shorter walk then the two closest summits to Kinloch - Hallival and Barkeval give incredible views and shorten the walk to 8.5miles.


Visit the old township of Garrisdale on the west of the island. This reasonably long walk starts at the end of the Tarbert road by the old barn and shepherd’s bothy. From here walk along the southern cliffs to Garrisdale point and follow the path to the old settlement and a beautiful sandy little beach where the seals pup over the winter months. There are spectacular views towards the outer hebrides and Skye.

Allow the best part of a day to meander and take in all the sights of this walk.


Take a walk to the Massacre and Cathedral caves of the south of the island and learn some Eigg history. The cathedral cave was once the site of catholic masses and can only be accessed at low tide. The massacre caves are the site of the massacre of nearly all the residents of Eigg during a long running feud by the Macleods of Skye. Allow up to 2hrs for the 3.5km walk.


Take a walk along Muck’s only road and head to Gallanach and Aird nan Uan. Stop at Gallanach Bay for a swim before continuing on to a Bronze Age burial site. Take in the beautiful views across to another Small Isle - the isle of Rum. The whole of Muck is walkable and you could continue onwards and complete the Muck Coastal circuit. Allow 5-6 hrs for the full coastal circuit (14 kms).

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