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Eigg Harbour

The main anchorage is to the north-east of the pier at Galmisdale point. There is always depth in the channel but the bay to the west mostly dries at spring low tide. There are a few private moorings which leaves limited space for anchoring so a tripping line is not a bad idea. The spring tide sets quite strongly through this channel. When approaching from the north-east, approach between the two new (and lit) perches, and keep open water between Castle Island and Galmisdale point ahead of you. This will keep you in the deepest part of the channel, which is at its shallowest just south of the port hand perch.

If you are coming from south, keep clear of the south shore of Castle island, as the reef extends some way offshore.

 There are showers and toilets at the pier.

How to pay. 

What to be aware of with ferry? 


Waste Disposal

If you are arriving by kayak

Booking in (for larger boats/ cruises). 

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