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Canna Harbour

The National Trust for Scotland is the Statutory Harbour Authority for Canna Harbour and is responsible for making sure the harbour is managed within the requirements of the Harbours Act 1964 and the Port Marine Safety Code. 

Canna is a popular destination for yachts and cruise ships, with as many as 30 yachts in the bay at night and an increasing number of small cruise ships.  The pier and the surrounding bay offer excellent and picturesque shelter to vessels visiting our island, working in the vicinity, or in transit to any of the stunning destinations we’re on route to. The Small Isles Marine Protected Area (MPA) encompasses waters around the islands of Canna and Rum. 

There are 10 first come first served secure visitor moorings at £20 per night. All have pickup lines, are yellow, and are suitable for vessels up to 35ft.

Pay cash at the shop beside Café Canna, or click below to pay online. 


The bay is well sheltered from almost all directions, with plenty of space for anchoring around and amongst the moorings. Bottom is mud and sand, but with some kelp so dig in. The cleanest area is between the two chapels. Please do not anchor within 100m of the pier.


Tenders / Getting Ashore

There is a slipway at the pier with space at the top for tenders - please help us to make sure the slipway is kept clear at all times for ferries, RIBS, doctors boats and all the other services that keep the island going. 



Canna has an award winning restaurant, a 24 hr community shop and toilets are available at both the harbour and the community shop. Check out this post for more details on services and activities available on the Isle of Canna. 

  • Showers - Available at Canna Campsite for a donation. (Shower facilities will be available in the Visitor Hub when it opens later this year -2024). 

  • Toilets - there is a toilet in the pier waiting room and in the Community Shop. 

  • Water - There is a water hose at the pier and a water tap in the shop

  • Unfortunately we lack the facilities to offer diesel and gas - the nearest options for these are Mallaig to the East, Carbost to the North, and Lochboisdale to West. 

  • Café Canna reservations can be made on Channel 8.  When the Cafe is closed on a Tuesday, the community provides tea/ coffee/ homemade cakes and snacks in The Shearing Shed. All proceeds go towards the community and development for the island. 

  • There is Wifi available at both the shop and The Shearing Shed. 




Harbour Office: 01687 310733

Harbour authority: National Trust for Scotland

Harbour and Notices to Mariners:

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