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Small Isles - Sustainable Travel

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

Here in the Small Isles, we are passionate advocates of a more sustainable way of living and this approach naturally extends towards tourism on the isles. We want to promote a more sustainable way of travelling.

Instead of tick lists and trying to pack everything into one short trip, we want to encourage a different, more impactful travel experience that benefits both the visitor and the communities they are visiting. In which visitors are inspired to become ‘temporary locals’. By doing this, you allow for a different kind of holiday - one where there is time for both ‘doing’ and ‘being’. Where you can spend one day hiking our trails and visiting a local seabird colony and the next volunteering at a local project or relaxing by the beach. A longer stay allows for a balance of activity and much needed ‘idleness’ ensuring that you return home fully refreshed and with a deeper connection to the place that you visited. The longer you stay the more there is to experience.

“Slow travel is being in a place long enough to experience it without having a strict itinerary. It isn’t about seeing everything but experiencing the soul of a place.”

If you feel inspired by our vision and want to experience a longer trip to the Small Isles, we’ve detailed 4 different guides based on a two week stay on the Small Isles.

Option 3 - Eigg and Rum (to follow)

Option 4 - Rum, Eigg, Muck (to follow)

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