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Foraging for Seaweed - Isle of Canna

Image by Simon Hird

If you are looking for a unique outdoor adventure that will immerse you in the natural beauty of Canna's coastline look no further than a seaweed foraging experience with Gareth Cole from the award winning Cafe Canna.

Seaweed foraging is a fascinating and rewarding experience that will introduce you to the diverse ecosystem of the Isle of Canna's rocky shores. Take your wetsuit and get in the water to fully explore or observe and learn from the shoreline. Learn about the different types of seaweed that grow there and how they have been used in traditional Scottish cuisine for centuries. Seaweeds are packed with minerals and nutrients, making them a nutritious and delicious addition to any meal. Find out how to sustainably harvest and prepare seaweed and finish the day with an unforgettable meal from Cafe Canna. Explore the texture and taste of kelp salad, dulse seaweed croquettes and kelp wrapped mackerel.

Foraging adventures take place regularly throughout the summer months. To find out when the next forage is happening, check in with Gareth at Cafe Canna. If you are part of a large group send Cafe Canna an email in advance - but individuals and couples can just drop into the cafe and check when the next outing is (these are scheduled around the tides).

This hands on experience will leave you with a new appreciation for our coastline and might even lead you on a new culinary adventure.

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