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Photographing the Small Isles

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

Think of a place that you can only get to by boat. Where the skies are filled with seabirds and there is a variety of landscapes - from dramatic mountains and soft, sandy beaches to rocky coastlines and turquoise waters. Where you can hop onto a wildlife cruise or join a guided nature walk and come across wild ponies or golden eagles. Where you can take in a beautiful sunrise or sunset from the comfort of your island accommodation or, for the intrepid amongst you, from the door of your tent on a hilltop or secluded bay. This is the Small Isles - Canna, Eigg, Muck and Rum - and they are a never-ending source of inspiration for photographers.

Over the years, many notable photographers have joined us on the Small Isles whether to seek inspiration for themselves or offer retreats and specialist photography workshops to others. Every season has something different to offer. In spring and summer - it is possible to shoot until late into the evening with plenty of opportunities to capture wildlife. In autumn and winter, the quality of light and low golden sun provide exceptional shooting conditions.

We’ve suggested some photography locations in the map below but there is much inspiration to be found in the quiet and less seen corners of the Small Isles. Take your time to explore and wander and you will find much to photograph.

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