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Small Isles - Favourite images from 2023

Starting the year with an icy blast on the island of Canna. The islands are quiet at this time of year. Deep in winter - it's time for planning and rest. The islands can be battered by storms but there is so much beauty to be enjoyed. From the low golden sun to the occasional snow squall.

A visit from the Cosmos Planetarium to help Rum prepare and collect data for their Dark Sky Island status. Steven Gray helped us discover the many beauties of the night sky and captured some incredible shots.

Photographer Simon Hird visited the Small Isles on assignment for Hidden Scotland and was lucky enough to be on Canna during one of the aurora borealis showings. He captured some incredible images including this beauty.

April is always a joyful if tiring month in the farming calendar. The new lambs arrive, the daffodils are blooming and spring is firmly underway.

Mesmerising views from the island of Muck. This stunning image by photographer Jamie Howden captures Muck and Horse island (which you can walk across to at low tide). In the distance, the rugged peaks of Rum.

Late summer on the island of Eigg and the vibrant hues of blooming heather create a rich carpet across the landscape. The Sgùrr of Eigg dominates the horizon standing against a beautiful blue sky.

Perched on the shore at Kinloch on the Isle of Rum, one of the world's most photogenic phone boxes. The phone box has had an upgrade since this image was taken thanks to the wonderful volunteers who visited Rum over the winter season.


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