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Canna 10K

Updated: Feb 19

Isle of Canna 10k 2024 - Saturday 25th May 12pm

Canna - By Fiona Harrison

Are you looking for a unique and challenging trail run that will take you through stunning landscapes and beautiful scenery? Look no further than the Isle of Canna 10k run!

This annual event, held on the picturesque Isle of Canna off the western coast of Scotland, is a must-do for any avid runner or outdoor enthusiast. The run begins at the shearing shed (a 10 min walk from the pier) and winds its way through the island's rugged terrain, taking runners past pristine beaches, rocky cliffs, and rolling hills.

Route Map 2023

As you make your way through the course, you'll be treated to breathtaking views of the surrounding sea and neighbouring islands. The challenging terrain and unpredictable weather conditions add an extra element of excitement to the race, making it a true test of endurance.

But the race isn't all about the challenge. The Isle of Canna community is known for their warm hospitality, and runners can expect a warm welcome and plenty of support along the way. After the race, participants are invited to join in a traditional Scottish ceilidh in the shearing shed.

So if you're ready for a unique and unforgettable running experience, sign up for the Isle of Canna 10k run today. With stunning scenery, challenging terrain, and a welcoming community, this run is sure to be one of your running highlights.

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